New Website for Flooring Company

This flooring website was completed for a regular client, the project was to convert an old dysfunctional WordPress website and give it a new life.

The company was going through a rebrand and wanted a website to reflect their new look.

When developing old WordPress websites, the best practice is to download a copy of the website, install it on a local development environment and run through the core and plugin updates one by one. This particular site was running version 4 of WordPress, the current stable version (at the time of writing this article) is 5.4.2. This is quite a jump in development and tends to break old themes and plugins.

This wouldn’t cause too much of an issue because the site was getting a new theme layout and the content was all that needed to be preserved.

I just want to touch on how WordPress works…

WordPress is divided into three sections,

1. There is the program core that runs the website, this is considered the platform.

2. There is a theme section – this is the visual “skin” of the website and determines how the website looks.

3. There are plugin files. The program core is just a base, plugins add functionality by extending the basic features. Some of the most common plugins are Slider Revolution used for displaying large animated graphics you normally see on a home page, Yoast is plugin used for Search Optimisation and WooCommerce adds online shopping functionality, there are tens of thousands of plugins available.

There are two types of plugin or theme, they are “free” or “premium”. As a web developer, I try to avoid free plugins unless they have a good rating (like Yoast or WooCommerce for example) and I definitely never ever, ever use free themes. If I’m building a website I either code the theme myself or use a premium theme and the reason is because of security and code standards. I have seem many companies using free themes that have been hacked because they are poorly written or have back door vulnerabilities allowing easy access to update code.

You can only install one theme but you can install multiple plugins.

Back to the project…

There were a lot of “free” plugins used to display portfolio images, these were causing Javascript conflicts and corrupting the visual layout, they were the first thing to go. Once they had been removed the site speed improved considerably.

With the new theme in place, new branding and plugins installed, the site was finally ready for the customer to see. When previewing websites to customers I always place it on a web development server and not on the clients hosting, this way the client can look through the site as if it was live, note down any changes required before publishing it live to the world.

And within a couple of days, the old dog eared website is turned into a shiny new website that’s mobile friendly and looks much more presentable in line with their new branding.

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