New Season at Classy Collections

A new season of fashion arrives at Classy Collections. The high street is really suffering and we all know why! Fashion retailers have been on lock down with the rest of us. It’s was good to receive the call from Classy Collections that they were back in the game and looking to re-open their store on Wimborne Hight Street along with new fashion ranges and new designers.

The new update looks fresh, check out the website

Staying productive when remote working


It’s been a challenging time for everyone, working remotely has its challenges, staying productive is a vital part of trying to operate business as usual.

Atomic websites already operate remotely. The team at Atomic are spread out across three locations in the UK. The team is bonded together with clever cloud tools from Google and a custom cloud-based self-hosted project management program.

We use G-Suite for team communications via Hangouts, we particularly love this as it’s quick to deploy and doesn’t require any additional software. We also use many of the Google Drive features to share internal documents and other Google apps for marketing for our clients.

Our project management is delivered via an online software program that all the team can log into, track projects, liaise with customers and update projects live. It’s like slack but has many advantages, it merges a powerful CRM, project management tools, bookkeeping and many more functions in one place. This means the team and customers are up to date with project builds, deployment and customer service requests. Because our project management tool is so comprehensive it means we don’t have to open lot’s of different applications to complete a task, it’s all in one dashboard which makes productivity more effective.

Traditional business methods are now a thing of the past, most households have access to fast broadband to connect remotely to business resources, even phone systems are VOIP based (VOIP means voice over internet protocol – or web phone as it doesn’t use traditional phone lines to send audio) so you can transfer calls anywhere in the world and it’s like the person is sat next to you.

One thing you do need is a quiet space where you won’t be interrupted whilst working. Being remote means you can become more flexible with how and when you work, this really helps provide a healthy work / life balance and cuts out wasted commute times, so not only is it less time consuming, it is also better for the planet.

Communication is key, not only to our clients, but internally, this is paramount to the success of our company. The project management system has a logged chat facility, each project has discussion boards and can catch up every day via Hangouts.

And the great news for you is that these cost savings are passed on to you, the client. Everybody wins.

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Happy Halloween

2019 Halloween Atomic Websites

I enjoy Halloween, every year the family carve pumpkins, there have been some brilliant displays of craftsmanship! All of the pumpkin in the main image were carved by us. It allows us to be creative in a different way.

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