The importance of project management
The importance of Project Management
19th June 2019
Successful summer offer
3rd August 2019

10 Years ago today I embarked on a solo project to build websites for new businesses across Dorset. I can’t believe where the last decade has gone!

10 years in business

Here are my top 10 favourite projects…

10. Bombay Duck

This project was a unique page-flip product catalogue. I created a custom script using a combination of javascript and flash. What I loved about this project was the striking page designs mixed with cutting-edge (at the time) code that created a unique user experience.

9. Constantine Art

An art dealers website. In the days before WordPress was a website builder, if you wanted to create a website that a customer could update, you had to break out the PHP code and make your own content management system. That’s exactly what I did here.

The website is still live today it was designed and built before anyone even considered browsing the web on a phone so it isn’t responsive.

The biggest accomplishment on this website were the image reflections, it was a real challenge to scale and crop the uploaded images automatically using PHP and coding javascript to create a reflection of that image that looked classy.

8. Worldwide Book Services

Another early example of a website that I designed and created in 2010. The website is still live today!

7. HIIT Sqaud

This was a home project for me. The fitness company that my wife and I ran for a couple of years as a hobby. I loved creating the branding and seeing it on the gym wear.

I also designed a website, loyalty cards, facebook advertising and flyers.

6. Laser Lines

I’m not going to lie, this project was by far the biggest challenge, but at the same time the most rewarding. It stands out because it was technically difficult and I completely misjudged the sheer volume of work required on the build, I’m sure we’ve all been there, that was a lesson learned.

But at the end of it, the website looked amazing. A complete custom WordPress theme.

5. Footlight Dance

I’ve been working with Footlight for around 9 years. In this time I have created three different websites and countless posters, flyers, banners, show programmes and graphics.

Below are a couple of my favourite promotional flyers I designed.

4. EGE Commodities

I’ve been working with Geoff at EGE on different projects for a number of years. This most recent project has been a real gem to work on. Brand design, websites, vehicle design, workwear design, business cards, letter heads, product design, ID card designs and posters. I’m also working on the social media marketing and competitor analysis.

In the first year of trading they managed to land national contracts with Wagamamas and Nestle.

3. Best Ever Christmas Show

I’ve been designing the Christmas pantomime at the Tivoli Wimborne for around 6 years, this year the management company moved to take on a new challenge in the Allendale Centre. Again I was asked to come up with a design to promote the show.

I created the show logo, poster design, banner designs and roller banner design.

2. The Medal Hanger Shop

The Medal Hanger Shop concept was created by two sporty ladies that I just happened to know from QE Gym. I designed their logo, website, flyers, adverts and exhibition stand.

They still hold the title of my favourite customers as Liz always makes the best cakes when we have meetings.

1. Osirion Building & Conservation

My very first commercial website. I built this website freelancing in the evenings after work c.1998. It wasn’t the first website I had ever built, but the first one I charged a client directly for.

It’s the reason I started freelancing and eventually going full time.

Feel free to check out some of the work uploaded to our Flickr channel, this features work from the early days to current projects. It’s great to look back on the accomplishments and challenges faced over the last 10 years.

I hope you enjoyed my top 10, please feel free to comment.