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Not every project we work on is big, take this little gem as an example. We were approached by a company that didn’t know how to get online, they needed an email address and a small advert type website.

We took the time to explain to the client everything they needed to get themselves online.

First off they needed a domain name, it’s worth taking the time up front on this one, getting the name right is vital. If you’re starting up a business it’s recommended to purchase the domain name at the same time as setting up the company, you can then ensure the domain matches your company name.

Domain name suffix is very important as well. A suffix is what comes after the name you choose, for example, .com,, .website. There are literally hundreds of suffixes to choose from, but in business in the UK, companies should choose, .com or .co (there are certain suffixes reserved for charities and other third sector businesses which should be avoided i.e. .org or

Next thing you need is hosting. Hosting is a service that allows you to display a website and send & receive emails using your chosen domain name. You don’t need to buy both of these items in the same place, in fact, it probably works out better to keep you domain names and the hosting separated. As an example, we use 123-reg, Crazy Domains, and a couple of others to register domain names, we than operate a specialise reseller shared hosting service for our clients at a different location. In our opinion, keeping them separate means you always have control over your domain name which is really important.

Now the domain name is registered and the hosting is set up,  we then point the domain name nameservers to our reseller hosting platform, by doing this you are telling any internet connected device that if you want to reach the domain for web or email, you can find it at this location, very much like a road map.

That’s most of the technical stuff out of the way, we can ensure your website is in the required place so when typing your domain into a web browser it displays and we set up email accounts for every person in your business. We also provide support in setting up email accounts, this is easily done over the phone and can be done on MAC, PC or smart device (or all three).

If you need to get your business online with a single holding page website, domain name and email, contact us for special pricing on 07534 214084 or email 

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