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29th March 2017
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WooCommerce 3.0 Major Update

WooCommerce 3.0 has arrived, bringing some news toys with it. Here’s what’s included in the new update:

  • An updated product gallery with new zoom, gallery view and mobile features
  • Multiple speed and performance improvements
  • The addition of CRUD classes
  • A new CLI powered by the REST API

Installing WooCommerce 3.0 really is a major update, it’s major enough to include a data updater script, that optimises the tables in your database. (see below images)

With this update you should definitely take heed to the warnings and take a complete back up of your site, including database. I noticed errors after installing 3.0, I completely lost the ability to save variations and attributes.

There have been wide spread complaints regarding this issue. It appears that the AJAX script isn’t working correctly, this prevents saving product variations and attributes. There is a support thread on WP Support forum:


The plugin warning before you update, make sure your plugins are 3.0 compatible. The only way to do this currently is to visit your plugin developers website. All major plugin developers such as YITH list compatible plugins versions.

Once you’ve hit update, you will need to run the database updater.

My conclusion is to avoid upgrading to version 3.0 until all the bugs have been ironed out. (12-04-2017)

*** UPDATE – 13-04-17

Version 3.0.2 has been released.I’m testing it now for bugs.

*** UPDATE – 13-04-17

I’ve completed our testing of 3.0.2 over three different eCommerce stores and not found any further bugs with Variations or Attributes. I would say now that it’s safe to upgrade to 3.0.2

*** UPDATE – 14-04-17

The lovely folks at WooCommerce must be working round the clock right now, with version 3.0.3 rolled out today. This would indicate the system still has bugs.


Here’s the change log so far, WooCommerce haven’t released the change log for 3.0.3 yet.

3.0.2 – 2017-04-12

  • Fix – Removed required states for GP, GF, KW, LB, MQ, RE and YT countries.
  • Fix – Made cache in the shortcode respect filters from plugins.
  • Fix – Added missing woocommerce_cross_sells_columns filter.
  • Fix – Fixed shortcode rendering on the shop page.
  • Fix – Fixed incorrect sale dates when bulk editing variations.
  • Fix – Fixed calls to wc_reduce_stock_levels in PayPal and Simplify gateways.
  • Fix – Exclude “location” meta when reading customer meta data.
  • Fix – Updated emails/email-addresses.php, emails/email-order-details.php, content-single-product.php, checkout/form-shipping.php, myaccount/form-add-payment-method.php, myaccount/form-edit-address.php, myaccount/form-lost-password.php, myaccount/form-reset-password.php, myaccount/orders.php and myaccount/view-order.phptemplate version to 3.0.0 since they had changes since 2.6.
  • Fix – Fixed default behavior of variation tax classes when originally set to “parent”.
  • Fix – When duplicating products, do not copy slug, append “(Copy)” to the product name, correctly copy all meta data, and prevent children of grouped products being duplicated too.
  • Fix – Removed duplicated items when outputting cross sells on the cart page.
  • Fix – Fixed output of default “add to cart” text of external products in loops.
  • Fix – Fixed backwards compatibility of guest checkout rules when being altered by plugins directly.
  • Fix – Use correct thumbnail sizes for variation images in the new gallery.
  • Fix – Fixed captions on thumbnails and main image in the new gallery.
  • Fix – Trigger wc_fragments_loaded after add to cart fragment refresh.
  • Fix – Download permissions; Convert dates to timestamp on read so UTC is preserved.
  • Fix – Fixed notices under PHP 7.1 when sorting products by name (numeric).
  • Fix – Added additional checks to ensure objects are read before using class methods to avoid errors.
  • Fix – Removed legacy suggest.js code which was causing JS error on bulk edit.
  • Fix – Fixed warnings on the “Lost password” page and when loading a product with invalid attributes.
  • Fix – Made background emailer update the queue after a successful send so duplicate mails are less likely.
  • Fix – Typo in flexslider_enabled option in new gallery script.
  • Fix – woocommerce_notify_low_stock and woocommerce_notify_no_stock options had no effect.
  • Tweak – For downloadable files, only validate file type when dealing with relative paths.
  • Tweak – Improved automatic variation name generation.
  • Dev – Added product visibility terms to system status report to help debug.
  • Dev – Introduced woocommerce_admin_order_date_format filter to replace missing post_date_column_time.
  • Dev – Introduced woocommerce_update_customer_args filter to prevent updates to user objects if needed.
  • REST API – Fixed saving of variations in legacy REST API v3.
  • REST API – Fixed backwards compatibility of line_items meta in legacy REST API.

3.0.1 – 2017-04-06

  • Fix – Show catalog hidden products within grouped products.
  • Fix – Fade in the gallery in if no images are set or it’s custom.
  • Fix – Use wc_deprecated_function in WC_Deprecated_Hooks so notices aren’t output in ajax requests.
  • Fix – Added back the ability to include extra items to the System Status using the woocommerce_system_status_environment_rows filter.
  • Fix – Coupon category restrictions and limits for variations.
  • Fix – Allow shortcodes and HTML in variation descriptions like in 2.6.
  • Fix – Unset post date when duplicating products.
  • Fix – Show a sale price on variable products if on sale and all prices are the same.
  • Fix – Corrected download links when a product has multiple downloads.
  • Fix – Prevented potential errors if the product type was not posted for any reason on save.
  • Fix – Updated single-product/up-sells.php, loop/add-to-cart.php, loop/rating.php, checkout/form-billing.php, and content-product.phptemplate version to 3.0.0.
  • Fix – Included clearfixes on billing and shipping field wrappers,
  • Fix – Fixed styling of logs table in some languages.
  • Fix – Fixed display of variation attributes on old orders.
  • Fix – Use placeholder text for external products add to cart button text if left blank.
  • Fix – Fallback to home URL if no shop page is set for system status security check for HTTPS.
  • Fix – For variations, pull tax status and sold individually from the parent since there is no UI to set this at variation level.
  • Fix – Moved cron emails to background processing to avoid multiple sends.
  • Fix – Wrapped structured data in a hidden element when added to emails.
  • Fix – Missing gateway information in queued emails.
  • Fix – Fixed a bug that caused pages to permanently reload if “Default customer location” was set to “Geolocate (with page caching support)”.
  • Fix – When forcing shipping to billing, set the shipping fields in the order itself.
  • Fix – Check for invalid objects in WC_Register_WP_Admin_Settings.
  • Fix – Check for error object in wc_get_object_terms.
  • Fix – Removed slashes in shipping meta data on the order edit screen.
  • Fix – Prevented permalink rewrites for attributes with missing names.
  • Fix – Fixed saving of meta data when multiple extensions use the save_post action.
  • Fix – Allow search customers by ID in edit order screen.
  • Fix – Prevents session data overwriting customer data on login.
  • Fix – Fixed cross-sell column display and variation support.
  • Fix – Fixed variable product stock syncing on save.
  • Fix – Included try/catch wrapper to prevent issues with Select2.
  • Fix – Prevented a bug that deleted all variations when the product type was change from variable to simple.
  • Fix – Switched to WPDB to quicker update when syncing titles for variations.
  • Fix – Exclude deprecated properties when loading a customer object.
  • Fix – Fixed notices while trying to order again.
  • Fix – Fixed notices when $wpdb->prefix is empty.
  • Fix – Prevent errors when loading a product with an invalid download file types.
  • REST API – Fixed missing array declaration in CRUD controller.
  • REST API – Removed extra exclude, include and search parameters from taxes endpoint.
  • REST API – Fixed variation description formatting.
  • REST API – Fixed incorrect attribute check in products endpoint in Legacy REST API.
  • REST API – Allow variation image to be unset.

Read the release notes from WooCommerce:




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