WordPress 4.8 “Evans” Released
8th June 2017
Why Choose WordPress?
8th January 2018

The WordPress developers constantly strive to compete with the drag and drop society of Wix. One area they have been trying to improve are dynamic layouts not currently offered in their basic text editor.

Until now, unless you’re using visual layout plugin/extension, placing images and text in the WYSIWYG editor (what you see is what you get) hasn’t been very flexible, you have all the finesse of Word online.

So to tackle the problem, WordPress have been working hard on an enhanced text editor called Gutenberg. The name might ring a bell, it seems WordPress are trying to link their new wonder “block” system to the man that invented the mechanical printing press.

Does Gutenberg live up to it’s namesake? 

Even if you’re on the WordPress Beta testing program (like us) you still can’t get your hands on Gutenberg without installing it as a plugin. Available to download from WordPress here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/gutenberg/

Here’s a visual overview of how it works

In conclusion, it looks like Gutenberg will give users the ability to create dynamic content with a few clicks. Bringing the aged text editor a much needed upgrade.

There are concerns on how existing content will integrate with the new block system and how “user friendly” it will be for people that self manage their content.

Will it impact on existing content plugins like Visual Composer?

WordPress 4.9 is due to be released in November this year, 4.8 was released in June, so we could have to wait until the new year before seeing Gutenberg rolled out.

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