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8th January 2018
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18th June 2019

WordPress 5.0 release is days away (surely)

The official launch date for WordPress 5.0 was advertised as 27th November 2018, so surely we should be seeing the roll out of the new look WordPress Core any day now…

The New Wordpress 5.0 what can we expect

So what’s the delay?

In a nutshell, it’s all about the Guttenberg page editor. WordPress is the largest content management system available (at time of publishing), with a massive expansion network of plugins and themes. The new release is being delayed because the new block editor changes the way content is entered into a page, and therefore how content is displayed on the page. 3rd party plugin and theme developers are racing to make sure their code is compatible.

WordPress has given developers plenty of time to get out in front of the problem by offering Guttenberg as a plugin to add to the existing release WordPress 4.9.8.

But time is running out for WordPress website owners, those that haven’t updated their plugin and theme files, could very well find their website corrupted or not displaying properly.

There is also supporting documentation to consider, as a developer (and in my opinion) WordPress has the most extensive documentation available to both end-users and developers. Switching from a basic text editor (WYSIWYG) to the block editor (Guttenberg) is a mammoth task to document. As with all things, the larger the eco-system the slower changes are to implement and WordPress is the largest.

We first published about Guttenberg in October 2017: https://www.atomicwebsites.co.uk/wordpress-5-0-gutenberg-coming/ since then the busy team at WordPress have written handbooks on how to make the most from Guttenberg: https://wordpress.org/gutenberg/handbook/

Why change at all?

There are plenty of good reasons for the change, WordPress is working hard to make their system more customer focussed and competitive to self-build website solutions.

With WordPress 4.8 (Evans) we got a multitude of new widgets and improvements, along with a handy improvement to how links work in the visual editor.

With WordPress 4.9 (Tipton) we saw a significant step toward a more user-centric way to customise and manage websites, with great improvements to the Customiser, new exciting functionalities to widgets, a powerful text editor for editing code.

The changes are a good sign that WordPress intends on maintaining its crown as the worlds largest content management system.


Not sure how your site will be affected?

Good news though for WordPress Works customers on a maintenance contract, we’ve tested every single setup prior to launch. Heads up if your website uses Visual Composer, you will need the latest version (v5.6) to be compatible with WordPress 5.0.

Contact our technical support team at info@atomicwebsites.co.uk and be sure to check out our WordPress Maintenance page.

You can find out more about the development cycle of WordPress 5.0 at https://make.wordpress.org/core/5-0/

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